Check-in application for YMCA of the North

Grafana dashboard for Y North Check-in app

YMCA of the North organization is highly responsible for the health of its members and guests, that’s why it’s so important to keep compliant with the strict quarantine rules required by the state government.

In order to keep track of the attendance limit for the YMCA of the North’s locations, the Check-in application has been developed. This is a requirement in the response to COVID-19 guidelines in Minnesota, US.

This is a simple web page for each YMCA location that allows checking-in the incoming person manually or automatically (e.g. by getting the check-in from the turnstile); and check-out the person who leaves the facility.

The information about the capacity limits for each facility is displayed on the website for members’ reference, in order to avoid overload and queues at the buildings.

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Capacity Manager

Why Drupal was chosen: 

As the main marketing website on YMCA of the North runs on Drupal and Open Y distribution, it has been chosen for the development of the Capacity Monitor module that allows embedding the percentage bar of current location capacity.

With the usage of Paragraphs, it’s easy to use this plugin on any page and even create a page for monitoring the capacity status on all YMCA locations.

Project (goals, requirements, and outcome): 

In the strict quarantine rules YMCA of the North had to open their locations once the restrictions were lifted and keep compliant with the limitations to maintain social distancing on the YMCA locations and facilities. The goal was set to provide the doorman staff with the tool to track the current attendance limit and stop letting new people in once the limit is reached.

The developed tool is a lightweight React application that is opened on the corporate iPods and displays the number of visitors on the location, obtains the check-ins amount from the turnstile, and allows manual check-in in the application; the visitor is manually checked-out when leaving the location. The check-in data is cleared once the location closes.

The back-end of the application also allows setting up the limits for each of the locations and attendance amounts tracking tool which shows the graphs with the check-ins for each location and any recorded day.


Community contributions: 

TODO: to make this app opensource we are expecting a couple of other customers to invest in shared contribution in order for the team to get time for backporting and making it more generic for project. Contact us if you are interested.

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