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The web schedules – are the neediest application for the big companies, who provide services. When the information runs quickly and the managers can not hold it and give all of the answers in time, a web schedule could help. Also, these applications could help to increase online sales by web.

The web Schedules are designed for YMCA customers to find and reserve a spot in group exercise classes created and stored in the GroupEx Pro (by Daxko) service. The application includes GroupEx Pro API Syncer integrated with Open Y Program Event Framework, a web interface with an ability to filter by location, class category, date, and configuration forms with an ability to set up locations to sync and class categories to display.

The YMCA offers a variety of classes and programs for getting and staying healthy. There are a lot of sports events: categories include cardio, dance, strength, yoga, and water exercise. 

Every day the members of YMCA of the North visited those classes in different regions, different locations, and at different times. The schedule helped to organize this process by providing up-to-date information on the website on a daily basis.


The interface

The trainers used a Schedule that was made for the internal community. But it wasn’t accessible for members. A lot of calls about free slots in the schedule were running through the Customer Service Center. So the business goal was to create more accessible applications for members in order to help the trainers and Customer Service Center.


There is also the ability to download and print the Weekly PDF Schedule. This is very convenient for those people, who like to have everything in front of their eyes. This schedule can be put on the desktop or hung on the refrigerator. So if there will be no internet or phone nearly, the members will not miss the classes.


Technical specifications



Drupal 8 (upd: Version 9)


Key modules/theme/distribution used: 

Open Y Repeat Schedules module


Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

Open Y Repeat was created in order to achieve the goal.

Open Y distribution was used as a foundation.


Technologies used: 

  • Drupal 
  • Vue JS
  • PHP
  • Drush
  • GroupEx Pro 
  • Syncer



This is an integration with GroupEx Pro Classes Schedules 3rd party service.


Cron configuration:

GXP Syncer running interval: every 27 minutes.


QA tests:

Automated test to check class discrepancy of New Schedules experience with GroupEx Pro 

admin panel.


How does the application help to overcome Covid-19 issues?

There are the Group exercises classes by location,  where the customers can choose by filters any class. And also there are Reservations that were made when Covid-19 started. The Reservations help the customers to be insured, that there will be a booked place in a class. It was very important for members to know this through Covid-19 because at this period there were some rules for businesses from government.

During the pandemic, these opportunities helped to keep large service companies afloat.


What problems has been solved?

  • Collection and analysis by filters all needed classes that trainers made;
  • Reducing the load on the Customer Service Center;
  • Quick opportunity to get all the necessary information on the website;
  • Creating more accessible applications for customers;
  • Ability to print Weekly PDF Schedule from the website;
  • A possibility to book classes during the Covid-19;
  • Increase online sales by web.

Click here to try schedules https://www.ymcanorth.org/schedules