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Welcome to IT Care

My name is Andrii Podanenko. I'm the CEO of IT Care, LLC as well as a Technical Architect.

You can find more information about my business experience on LinkedIn

I'm a long-time expert( since 1999) in a lot of technology stacks for Hardware, Web, Automation, and Enterprise Digital Solutions development.

In my career starting from simple electronics and computer hardware repair to enterprise solutions as a company lead I found that the most important areas are

  • transparency and trust
  • deep integration and adoption of IT Care to customer needs
  • shared values
  • responsibility
  • and risk management.

In order to accomplish high-quality team extension services, provided by IT Care, we are relying on best practices across different technologies and always helping to improve the businesses of our customers and our internal culture to bring value to all parties.

As a mentor, I help Drupal Ukrainian Community to improve communications and grow. See the IT Care Community website where you can find more information about activities and projects.

In addition to technical engineering experience, I'm a Certified Psychotherapist in the area of Gestalt Therapy, as well as Organisation Consulting experience, which helps me a lot to understand and support better customer and own companies' needs.