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YMCA of Greater Twin Cities digital platform



YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities website is a "mother" of the Open Y web platform.

This website has a lot of different integrations:

  • Single Sign-On with Personify CRM/e-commerce
  • Mindbody Training booking
  • Realtime customer Orders synchronization from Personify to Mindbody
  • Online cabin bookings for all sorts of camps
  • ChildCare payment tax form for parents, integrated with Personify
  • Activity Finder - enhanced display of products, based on Vue.JS app on top of Drupal
  • New Schedules app( Vue.JS ) to display group classes from GroupEx PRO ( Daxko ) platform
  • and a lot of others

The site usually serves 300 000 users/day. Hosted at Amazon.

YMCA of Greater Twin Cities website


Open Y Marketing site

open y


Open Y - is a digital platform for YMCA associations and non-profits

Our team was creating a frontend theme for Open Y distribution, based on designs of Ben McCoy from Open Y core team.

Additional integrations maintenance:

  • Node-Red-based API for gathering analytics from Open Y instances
  • Grafana analytics
  • InfluxDB storage 

Hosted at Microsoft Azure Hosting


Open Y marketing website


What should be the best website?


Solving the problems of an existing website by optimizing the architecture includes not only improving the functionality of the site and saving resources but also the search for architectural mistakes, one of which is the incorrect use of site caching. 

To create new features on the site, we need a solid foundation. 
Our team knows how maintenance worldwide websites, such as QS World Top Universities and others

More about this here /uk/what-should-be-best-website

Hosting Platform


Working on big sites requires the involvement of many specialists working in different environments. That's a lot of people, including professional architects, developers, managers, and QA. For these people to interact, develop, and improve the structure of a site (or even several sites at the same time), a Hosting Platform is needed.

Some companies choose to outsource hosting, but for some, it is possible to develop their self-maintained, which will add flexibility, and independence from outsourcing companies.

Here you can find some more about hosting platforms, our maintenance and support /uk/hosting-platform


What is perfect maintenance?


Maintenance and support can include all tasks that are not related to the new functionality that is being developed. There are a series of tasks for analyzing and improving the system's operation on an ongoing basis.

We do maintenance for worldwide websites, that have millions of users. More about our experience /uk/what-perfect-maintenance

Metrics as a thermometer for IT business



Big systems require constant analysis and monitoring, especially when tasks change rapidly. Metrics help to monitor all processes to respond in time to system load and make the necessary changes. Metrics should be used when we need to analyze systems and processes' health. When we know the root of the problem, we will understand how to manage it. The best practices in IT technologies prove that the use of metrics helps speed up the release, not slow it down. Analyzing metrics will help you find the problem and fix it quickly, and not waste your time on it in the future.

Get some more about how metrics can help your IT business /uk/metrics

Best practices

best practices



We implement best practices in IT architecture and development. We help to establish flow.
Security principles, general security practices, account security, development procedures, code review, and acting in an emergency situation are the most important things in IT business.
Click to get more /best-practices-information-technologies