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Create a complete digital experience

Doing digital well can be quite expensive. Open Y brings the best of digital together in a way that’s open and accessible to all YMCAs—regardless of size or budget. It allows a sharing infrastructure that preserves each individual YMCA’s autonomy.

Open Y is:

  • Philosophy - Open Y is the belief that working together—YMCA associations, the YUSA, and partners—drives innovation and impact for all to learn, grow and thrive. Through collaboration, it’s easier for all of us to communicate and connect with customers across marketing channels.
  • Community - Open Y works to align, create and deliver better, faster and cheaper digital experiences—for today and tomorrow. We’re building a shared ecosystem to support and enable our future. When we work together, we move individuals, families, and communities forward.
  • Digital platform - Open Y starts with your website and extends to other digital products, bringing together data and tools from membership, registration, fundraising, and volunteer systems.

IT Care role 

  • Andrii Podanenko ( CEO ) - is a Lead Architect of Open Y distribution. Architecture reviews, product management, DevOps, QA Automation. 

Rest of the team - maintenance and improvements of YMCA platform, which is based on Open Y distribution with a lot of customizations, specifically built for YGTC



​CIBox - continuous Integration ToolBox





CIBox is a platform for DevOps and QA Automation

It consists of

  1. Reinstall - Drupal CMF installation helper. A mature configurable system based on Ansible which helps in everyday site maintenance and delivery.
  2. Virtual Environment - based on Vagrant, VirtualBox, partially Docker. 
  3. Continuous Integration Server - based on Jenkins, Docker, Ansible.

Main users of the platform


CIBox website


We help our partners to create value





Schedules is a web application designed for YMCA customers to find and reserve a spot in group exercise classes created and stored in the GroupEx Pro service. The application includes GroupEx Pro API Syncer integrated with Open Y Program Event Framework, web interface with an ability to filter by location, class category, date; and configuration forms with an ability to set up locations to sync and class categories to display.

Check out the experience on YMCA of the North

Here is some more about schedules app and used technologies /uk/schedule

Bus Stops Map




Bus Stops Map provides comprehensive information to the parents about transportation services and child care services for YMCA Summer and Day Camps. The functionality includes Syncer, which pulls transportation and care products from the Personify DB with SQL procedures and updates availability, map with bus stop pins, the pin bubble with location address and provided services, filters, and date selector.

Get some more about this app /uk/bus-stops-map

Try The Bus Stops Map here https://www.ymcanorth.org/camp-bus-care-locations

Activity Finder



Activity Finder is designed and developed by Open Y community, IT Care team has developed Syncer application that uses PEF (Program Event Framework) to create and operate with the programs from different types of sources: CRM database, Zoom.us meetings, GroupEx Pro, Facebook live events, etc.; and accommodate all sessions in one interface of Activity Finder version 3 or 4. 


More about this app and used technologies here /uk/activity-finder

Check-in App



The Check-in application is designed to be used by staff members for tracking the number of visitors currently in the branch. The application is designed and optimized for mobile device usage. The number of check-ins comes from the Personify API endpoint and manual check-in, check-out can be only done manually.

See the case study for the Check-in application.

Digital Signature Capture & Remote Digital Signature Capture



Digital Signature Capture is an internal usage platform created to provide an ability for YMCA customers and members to sign and store legally required documents. The application includes back-end storage and API end-points, user interface for YMCA stuff to find, and select needed documents to be signed by certain members on another tablet screen.

To get more: /uk/digital-signature-capture-remote-digital-signature-capture


Personify-MindBody Sync

Personify to MindBody orders Syncer is a back-end application that takes Personal Training orders from Personify via API end-point, stores them in the Drupal database, and sends synchronized orders to the MINDBODY booking system. Synchronized orders and failed to sync orders are stored to be reviewed by YMCA staff members.